The Dietitians Toolkit

Finally the Dietitians Toolkit has been launched! This is the project I’ve been working on since I arrived in Fiji. Thinking I would be playing a support role – this project that taught me how things are done here but also helped me establish my role. I produced the toolkit under the strict funding guidelines and the previously released nurses Toolkit. This took away a … Continue reading The Dietitians Toolkit

Paparazzi Projects

Now that I’m back in the civilisation/3+ bar internet connectivity of Suva I’ve finally been able to download the pictures from when the Red Cross media team came to town. Being a little overenthusiastic I organised both a cooking demonstration in Levuka and a visit to promote healthy teeth at a kindergarten I’ve been working with in Suva. The combination of a tight schedule for … Continue reading Paparazzi Projects

A Dabble in Diagnostics

My first major breakthrough at work came the other day when I un-expectantly got the opportunity to take part in a touch of diagnostics. Apart from a few speculative guesses with friends and patients this isn’t something I’m accustomed to as a dietitian.  Normally patients have already had the bad news broken to them, it’s our job to help find a solution. With the Ministry … Continue reading A Dabble in Diagnostics